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#Chalkie Owner posted Apr 1, 15

We hope you guys had a fun April Fools!

Hey guys,
We just wanted to let you know about two things that are fairly important.
First off is we have created two new a new VIP ranks for the network, the first one is called GodVIP and the second one is Co-OwnerVIP.

GodVIP will cost 50 USD and it will allow you to have creative mode and world edit in the Factions server. You will also be allowed to kill any player up to 5 times per day or 5 different players, when you kill them you get all their loot placed in your inventory.
Co-OwnerVIP is the ability to become co-owner of the network, it will cost 30 000USD and only 5 are for sale so you better buy it quick. As co-owner you can do what ever you want, an example you can de-admin Ammar!

The second issue is there seems to be a massive problem on factions that I can not fix, I think we got hacked and someone changed some stuff like what monsters look like? I don't know how to fix it :( sorry. Maybe if someone buys co-owner VIP we can get a new server????

Thanks guys!

Link to purchase GodVIP: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/webstores/m/7524779/item/godvip
Link to purchase Co-OwnerVIP: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/webstores/m/7524779/item/coownervip

Kutay_Tn MegaVIP Hmm I want co/owner VIP LOL IRAĞĞ ...
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