Ticket System and Staff Apps.

#Chalkie Owner posted Jan 12, 15

Hey guys!

Just letting you know about a few changes that have happened on the forums over the past 24 hours + a recap of the new Staff Rank.

We have re-done the Staff Application, we're hoping that this time around we're going to be more focused on accepting/denying applications rather then letting them pile up as a database of sorts. This means any applications you had in was removed and you will need to re-submit it.
This can still be accessed at: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/staffapplications

The second change we have made on the forums is the ticket system. This ticket system will now serve as the grief, theft and scam section as well as other issues such as account issues. This new system will be much easier for staff to use as well as allowing you to submit multiple tickets at the same time (no more waiting).
This can still be accessed at: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/report

As you may have noticed, this weekend another staff group was added to the network, trainee.
This rank will serve as the new intermediate rank for staff members, they will be on this rank for between 2 and 4 weeks.
More information on why and what this rank means can be found at the following link: http://www.tagcraftmc.com/forum/m/7524762/viewthread/18479371-what-this-new-trainee-title/post/87864644#p87864644

Thank you all for your continued support!
arm how can i get the code?
David2004 An die die denn server gemacht haben ich habe ein problem ich gehe zwar mit dem name David2004 rein und kann ein stück ...
sandier chalkie i did not kill ammar_ahemad he is lying i wanna play plls :{