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Hello you wonderful people,
I thought it was time for a small news update on what will be happening over the next month if nothing blows up.

First off I want to start September off with a bang, and what better way than adding 20 new kits to the Survival Games Servers (The name and what they do will be posted below). They should be implemented along with a few small updates within 48 hours. (Still not 1st of September, can’t sue me bros)

The second major thing will be the addition of a new Mini Games server(s) by the end of the month, I along with a few other talented staff members have been working on this for a few weeks now and we are just finishing up a map and some final details.
As much as I would like to spill the beans on what it is, you guys will just have to wait and see, I am sure you can battle the need to know. Maybe throw around a ball with friends in a field whilst you wait?

We will also be updating the spawn in Creative server, the new spawn will be a little smaller but contain more area’s for you guys to PvP as well as a small re-vamp of the Kit’s.
We also be increasing the plots everyone gets by 1.

As you may know, 1.8 is coming out soon, we would appreciate it if you guys did not spam posts about when the network will be 1.8, we will update as soon as it is possible. If we’re lucky there will be a 1.8 protocol patch within the first 48 hours, this will allow 1.8 clients to connect to the network but nothing 1.8 related will work.
There is no ETA on how long things will take to update, Mojang them self’s will be apparently updating Bukkit to 1.8 this time.

I want to say a special thank you to our staff members, I appreciate all their help as well as their tolerance to stay with the network through thick and thin.

I also want to also say a special thank you to all the new and old VIP’s, we appreciate that you continue to support the development of our network.

Last, but not least a special thanks to all you guys that play our network. It means a lot to us that you’re here playing on our network and we hope you continue to enjoy it.

New SG Kits (Coming within 48 hours)

Realease The Kraken:  Summon  a slow but strong Kraken that will last for 3 minutes. When summoned the kraken will also bring forth a 10 radius of water. 5 minute cool down.
Passive: You’re able to move faster in water.

The Avenged
Passive: Upon death you will heal everyone in a 15 radius to full health but you will also be avenged by an all-powerful flying angel villager. This angel villager will smite anything in range for 15 seconds.

Passive: 25% chance to gain increased movement speed for 10 seconds when hitting a player.
Passive: 5% chance to gain increased damage for 4 seconds when hitting a player.
Passive: Starts with a Unbreaking 2 wooden sword.
Suggested by MrLazy

Polymorph: Turn players in a 20 block radius to a sheep for 8 seconds. Players turned to a sheep will gain Health Regen for 13 seconds and slowness for 8. If a player is attacked by another player whilst they’re a sheep they will return back to a human and the regen buff will remain, 3 minute cooldown.
Suggested by RounduBoy

Passive:  3% chance on breaking leaves to receive a random item from a pool of 25+ items.
Suggested by Fett

Shockwave: Knock all players in a radius of 10 back 5 blocks. Players knocked back will be slowed and confused for up to 6 seconds. If any Monsters or Animals are caught in the shockwave they will be knocked back 10 blocks. 3 Minute cooldown.
Suggested by JE007

My Humps: Utilize the fat stored in your humps to heal yourself 2 hearts and 2 Food, 3 minutes cooldown.
Passive: Gain increased movement speed whilst walking on sand and sandstone.
Suggested by VirtualTornado

Decoy: Summon a 40 Health clone of yourself where you stand that will run away when attacked. The clone will last 10 seconds and for 15 seconds you will be invisible. Your clone will self-terminate if still alive after 10 seconds. 4 minute cooldown.
Suggested by VirtualTornado

Passive:  Permanent slowed movement.
Passive: Start with Full Leather Armor and Stone Sword, All with Unbreaking 5.
Suggested by Venturo

Blink: Blink to where you’re look at (up to 30 blocks away).  Once your blink has finished you will suffer 5 seconds of void sickness. 5 Seconds cooldown.
Passive: Start with Leather Boots with Feather Falling 3

Shazam : For 15 seconds you gain increased moment speed, strength and jump height. Anyone around you in an 8 block radius will be blinded for 4 seconds. 5 Minute cooldown
Suggested by VirtualTornado

Passive: You have an 8% chance on attack to throw the person you’re attacking into the air, they also will be confused for 7 seconds.
Passive: You have an 8% chance when being attacked to knock back the player 3-5 blocks, they also will be slowed for 3 seconds.
Suggested By Frost541

Fire The Missiles: Fire 5 Creeper missiles into the air. Once they fall and die they will each explode with the strength of one TNT each, Once fired you’re immune to fall and explosive damage for 6 seconds. 30 Second cooldown.

Cow Tosser:  Throw an exploding cow up to 10 blocks away, 20 second cooldown.

Passive: When you die you wither everyone in a 5 radius for 5 seconds. For each kill you get prior to your death will add 2 more seconds to the effect.
Explode: You can manually detonate your body at any time to create the passive effect, it will however lower you to one health. 4 Minute cooldown.
Suggested By GiGi1435

Trap Chests: Able to Create a trapped chest with a piece of TNT under it where you’re looking. Breaking the chest or TNT will not give you a chest or TNT item. Cooldown 2 minutes.
Suggested By SeanVampire

Launch Missile: Launch a nuclear Chalkie missile where you’re standing. It will slowly fall to the ground and after 14 seconds explode with the impact of 3 TNT blasts combined. (If you see/hear this launched, run!) 8 Minute cooldown

Soul Binding Transmutation : Sacrifice 6 health to bind Alphonse Elric’s soul to a suit of armor for 3 minutes. If Alphonse Elric’s suit of armor is still intact after 3 minutes you will have 6 health returned. 5 Minute cooldown.

TheMonk ElementalMonk
Element Of Wind: Activate your wind element, whilst active you move and jump faster at the cost of strength and attack speed.
Element Of Rock: Activate your rock element, whilst active you take less damage and have more health regen at the cost of speed and strength.
Element Of Fire: Activate your fire element, whilst active you take no fire damage and gain Saturation at the cost of your vision.
Element Of Water: Activate your water element, whilst active you can breathe underwater and you have increased strength in water at the cost of being sick with Nausea out of the water.
Only one element can be active at a time, 30 second cool down between swapping.

Passive: You have a 20% chance when being attacked by a player to spawn a 1HP baby zombie.
Passive: Zombies don’t attack you due to your grotesque nature.
Passive: Your movement speed is reduced due to your infestation.
Passive: Your defense is increased due to your infestation providing armor.

Let us know what you think of these updates, or what you want to see in the network next by posting below.

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