New Chat Channels and Change to the /join command.

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Hello lovely people and Jeremey,

Just wanted to let you know of a couple of small changes to the chat system and in turn the TAGJoin system (/join command).

First off is the change to the /join command, the command for joining other servers in our network had to be changed since it would be in conflict with the changes to the chat system talked about below.
The new command is now /joinserver servername an example is /joinserver factions, now I know a few of you will be like "but Chalkie that's so long, how will I ever remember such a command" and for this very reason I have added an alias for it which is /js servername an example is /js creative.

The second change was something that was requested by SeptreBleu, the ability to leave a chat channel as it sometimes can get very loud.
To do this I was going to have to change how we have the chat system which meant enabling the join and leave channels commands which are /join channelname and /leavechannel channelname, which is why I had to change TAGJoin to the new command.
In addition to allowing you to leave channels you're able to join 3 new global channels, these are Turkish, Philippines and English. These three channels are not forced on to you like the Network channel or the current server channel, you will have to join and leave them your self.

We respectfully ask to only speak the language of that channel in that channel. Example only speak Turkish in the Turkish channel and not Philippines.

Currently all three channels are in the gold color, let me know on the forums if you guys can all agree on a MC color to use for the channel.

To join or leave a channel you can use the following commands;
/join channelname
/joinchannel channelname
/leave channelname
/leavechannel channelname

Note: Upon changing servers or worlds you will be forced back into the Servers Channel, this is in place so no one gets lost in channels. So if you don't want to listen to faction channel and leave it you will have to re-leave it if you move worlds.

As asked by a few people, there will be an Easter sale on starting on Friday AEST until Monday AEST and the % off will be 20% off since Easter is on the 20th this year.

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Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new channels, best answer wins an air guitar!
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