New MiniGame - FireMaster

#Chalkie Owner posted Oct 18, 14

Well guys, it's here.

As promised (although a little late) here is your new Mini Game.
We decided to go with something a little more unique over something that is super popular, at the moment. Let's hope it's for the best!

As with any new server, we're sure there will be bugs, issues and errors. We hope you guys can not only help by reporting them but also be patient with us whilst we get them fixed. The main game mode was made by a very talented dev over at spigot, all the stats, leader boards, ranks ect are of our own creation and may take a little longer to fix. We hope you guys appreciate the time and effort we put into creating and testing it. (Lot of long nights for chalkie :D)

I want to also thank the handful of people whom have helped create the initial arenas, because of your hard work we're opening with 15 arenas and have many more to add in the next few weeks.

Now to what the game mode is, imagine a mix of Fire Bending from Avatar and The play style of games like Super Smash Brothers and what you have is FireMaster.
You can access this server via the portal in the Lobby or with /js firemaster (after 17th's factions restart)

All the information you should need to play can be found in the arena, more detailed info can be found here:

We really hope you enjoy the new server and have lots of fun! Cya in game.

Let us know below what you think of the new server, best answer will receive a FM:Premium rank next weekend (after we finish completing it)
jimakis_1 First of all, I love this server and I believe that the game you'll add it's a very good idea. I'll be very happy to pl ...
diamonds10 Interesting game i would say. Whats more interesting is that we would be rewarded. I had financial problem on the server ...
jorge luis toledo molleapaza ola como juego minecraft