Gobble Gobble it all up

Chalkie AdminMegaVIP posted Fri at 18:58

Greetings TagCraftians,

First off we hope all our American players had a great thanksgiving yesterday and haven't turned into a turkey due to it. We'll have a small kit running this weekend on factions to celebrate the feathery event as well as a 30% sale to celebrate black friday. So shake those tail feathers and chant /kit gobble.

As much as I love turkey, the real reason for this new announcement is to cover two important issues; the first being the Network Lobby.

A few weeks ago, we entrusted the development of a new Lobby design to iNinja_Pie, Dr_ZlockoFULL and Darkness_Bringer and after about a week of blood, sweat, tears and TNT they had finished and it looks great!
The new lobby is set up into three separate areas, the main area, the mini games area and finally the Hall Of Fame. Although this may sound difficult to navigate, it's as simple as ever. I personally want to thank you both for your hard work and time, I am sure once everyone else see's it they will be as equally pleased.
I hope to have it online by the end of the weekend, there are a few more adjustments that need to be made but nothing major.

The second topic for this news announcement concerns the Factions server, as I am sure you have all noticed we're still running 1.7.10 on factions, the reason for this was simple; we were still waiting on 1-2 plugins to update to 1.8 (no joke). Unfortunately these plugins were fairly vital to server and weren't able to to just be swapped out with another and we really didn't want to do a wipe prior to factions 2.0 being released (guess it's official now).

However, I got news from the dev last week that he was able to update the last plugin we were waiting on which means we should be able to update to 1.8.8 on factions. Jeremey and I plan to work on that this weekend/next weekend and update asap. Once we have factions running 1.8.8, we will be updating the whole network to 1.8.8 which means we will not longer support older versions of MC (1.7.2 > 1.7.10).

As for Factions 2.0, we're considering holding off on that until 1.9 comes out to see what kind changes/effects it will have, we would hate to have it open than month later have to shut it down/wipe/change ect for 1.9, our hope is depending on the speed of 1.9's plugin/server development to have factions 2.0 start as 1.9 a month or two after it's official release.

One more small thing before I bore you to death with details, Jeremey and I have started working on a Wiki for the network, if you wish to have a look or contribute to it you can at the link below.
Please keep the same format as show on the Network Lobby page, our hope is to all have all relevant information in the one place so it's easy for anyone to get help.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank you all for your dedication and support over last few years, it has been an incredible experience.

xBladeDalsmin UberVIPMegaVIPKNight Curiosity, what are you planning the wiki to entail? New plugin stuff?
The Nab MegaVIP Ok Bob, you no longer have to flip the tables, the reset is coming!
bruh HelperUltraVIPEliteVIP super stoked for factions yAAASSSS